I’m in the home stretch of my pregnancy. 38 weeks and counting this week.

I’m still working. Tomorrow was going to be my last day, but I’m still feeling good and my doctor warned that baby might come a week late, so I’ve extended work for a few more days or so.

Here are snapshots of what life has been lately.

Last weeks baby bump shot, it’s watermelon status now.  I feel so huge these days, it’s getting uncomfortable because my belly is heavy and I’m having some ligament pains now 😦


I’ve been craving some quite time and just want to relax when I get home from work. I’ve stopped watching TV and opted to just read or bake and lighting up the delicious smelling candle below. I love this scent, too bad it’s only available during holiday season.


I’ve been baking…..and carb loading. This is my first time making pretzels and I was impressed on how they turned out. They reminded me of the pretzels I buy at the mall, but these were even better.  Thanks to our bread machine, these weren’t that difficult to make.


Crazy about cinnamon and sugar combination these days.


i went out with my girlfriends last Friday, making time for ladies night before baby arrives. These are the special moments I get to spend with them before I become a mommy.


Last weekend, we had a celebration at my in-laws, our second baby shower with family from the hubby’s side. All the food was delicious, especially the cake that was made with light sponge cake and fresh strawberry filling.


My bedtime reading consist of food blogs, looking for make-ahead recipes that I can make now and freeze for later…..paired with more baby books.


We are just doing the waiting game everyday. Excited and anxious for the baby’s arrival.

I can’t believe my pregnancy journey is coming to an end soon, I’ve loved being pregnant and I feel sad to say goodbye to my belly BUT I am also ready to meet our son and to start this whole new journey soon.


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    ah! SO exciting! Those pretzels look amazing.

  2. Awesome congrats…

  3. How Exciting – In the Home Stretch!!! Happy Tuesday:)

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