Pregnancy Update – 1st Week of Maternity Leave

Here’s a baby bump picture from 2 weekends ago, when I was 38 weeks.


This picture was taken this morning…39 weeks and 6 days! One day away from due date!!!


39 weeks – Pregnancy Update

How far along: 39 weeks 6 days. One day away from my due date!!!

Maternity clothes: At this point, I’m wearing maternity clothes exclusively. Since most of my maternity clothes were for work, I’m having challenges with maternity wear that I can use to lounge around. I’m down to a few comfortable pieces.

Stretch marks: Yes, but I’m fine with them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get anymore. It’s odd, because they actually look lighter this week.

Sleep: I’m surprised that I’m still getting good sleep. I usually go to sleep listening to my Hypnobabies tracks and it has helped me relax and get some good sleep.

Miss Anything: I miss being comfortable and just to sit normally. The only place I can sit comfortably is the rocking chair in the nursery. I just feel so huge and awkward these days, even my walk is more of a waddle now.

Cravings: Ice cream. I’m not sure if it’s a craving or more of self soothing and emotional eating. I’m just enjoying being able to indulge during this last weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms: I haven’t experienced any Braxton hicks yet or any contractions, but there are other signs that things are progressing (it’s tmi, so I’ll spare you the details).

Mood: I’ve been going thru a lot of emotions lately. One moment, I’m sooooo done being pregnant and then the next moment I’m anxious and nervous for the delivery and anticipating the moment it happens. It’s a little nerve wracking that it can happen any moment now.  I wake up each morning, look down and say something funny to my husband like “Looks like, I’m still pregnant“.

Best Moment this week: Celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday and also my husband’s birthday. We have a lot of March birthdays in our family. We have been focusing a lot on the baby lately and I wanted this week to be a special celebration for my husband. He will be sharing his birthday month once the baby arrives.

Looking forward to: The first sign of active labor and for my water to break. I am so excited meet our baby and start this next chapter in  life!!


Here are some pictures from the past week.

I made special pancakes for the hubby’s birthday. Sprinkles and chocolate chip pancakes.

IMG_5060 IMG_5066

Sleeping in and breakfast in bed during my first week of maternity leave.


This blueberry oatmeal bake is so delicious, i’ve made 3 batches already. I’ve frozen 1.5 batch for when baby arrives. Recipe coming soon.


I wear contact lens, all day every day, except for when I’m sleeping. Since I’ll be nursing,  I got a pair of eye glasses so I don’t have to deal with contact lens during night feedings.


These beautiful white/yellow flowers were from work. I am hoping they will last until after I deliver. They brighten up my day and I love seeing them in the baby’s room.


Chocolate cake for the hubby’s birthday and my current favorite ice cream.

IMG_5083 IMG_5163

Early signs of Spring season….our tortoises are out from their winter hibernation. I fed them some lettuce and arugula on their first day out.


The nursery is almost complete. I just have to hang some pictures and frames. I love the neutral colors of grey and yellow, it’s modern but at the same time calming and cheerful.




  1. Happy maternity leave! You’re so close, so exciting! You look so beautiful! 🙂

  2. You’re so close! I’m so excited for you. You look fantastic. 🙂

  3. itzyskitchen says:

    Nursery is looking great! So excited for you 🙂 Those pancakes you made for the man look AMAZING! Hang in there

  4. You look so amazing and so beautiful! I hope I look like this when I am due! So excited for you and your whole family! I am sure everyone is just excited as ever knowing he can be here any day!!!

    Love the nursery! We are doing grey, yellow, blue, and white!

  5. Any day now – how exciting – cannot wait to hear that your little bundle has arrived:)

  6. I love the chevron print bedding! So cute! He will be here in no time! The best day of your life is just moments away! Enjoy this amazing roller coaster of a ride with your little one and family!

  7. You look incredible! Wishing you a speedy and safe delivery.

  8. Thinking of you!

  9. This comment is way late, but better late than never! awww thinking of you – the nursery pics are adorable and you look fabulous, little mama!

    My nephew turned 2 in March as well – LOVE IT!

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