Hawke – 2 weeks

Our little man is already 2 weeks old.


His full name is Bradley Hawke, but we call him by his middle name Hawke. We have been calling him that even before we found out he was going to be a boy.

His first week at home, all this baby wanted to do was sleep. I had to wake him when it was time to nurse or he would sleep all day. At night, he gave us about 2.5-3 hour sleep cycle, which wasn’t too bad. The husband and I took turns on doing the night time feedings. I am both nursing and doing bottle feeding, all breastmilk.


Around 10 days, he became more alert and his wake time became longer.


During his play time, he likes to be on his Boppy pillow, swing and looking out the windows. As his alert time is getting longer, I need to figure out what to do during those times.


He is not a difficult baby but he does go through his cranky moments.

IMG_5657 IMG_5658IMG_5645

Being a new mom, I worried about him gaining enough weight during his first few weeks and whether or not he is eating enough or if I am producing enough milk. We’ve had two doctor’s appt already and on the most recent one, his two-week check-up,  he has gained almost a pound more than his birth weight.  The doctor was impressed that he gained all that weight from breast milk. He is a good eater.

Dad playing with his dimple.


His umbilical cord came off when he was 12 days old. It just came off while I was changing his dirty diapers.

In 2 weeks:

– we gave him his first bath (he didn’t cry at all so he must love the water like his dad).

– we brought him with us when we dined at a Thai restaurant for lunch when Auntie Hazel was visiting.

– I’ve had a few solo car rides with him. I was nervous at first, but we installed a baby mirror so I can see what he is doing in the back seat. Plus, he goes to sleep during all his car rides.


As for me, I am recovering well. It feels good to sleep on my stomach again. I am able to wear my old tops and shirts again, but I am still wearing my maternity pants or regular leggings. I haven’t weighed myself so I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost, but will probably do soon once I get the clearance to workout again.

Nap time is over, gotta go!


  1. He is SO precious. Congratulations, Leah! Xo

  2. itzyskitchen says:

    He is so cute!! Sounds like yall are doing awesome 🙂 love his name

  3. He is precious… Congratulations again!

  4. What a sweetheart! Glad to hear that you’re all settling in well.

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