Weekend Things

We had a fun and productive weekend. We are getting ready to sell our house soon, so we had several appointments to show our house throughout the weekend, which makes it tough to leave the house during the day but we made sure to venture out in the evening.

On Tuesday,  we had dinner at my sister’s house with my mom and they prepared a feast of a meal. The weather has been warm so we did a cook out and dined outside in the patio. This is one of my favorite ways to eat salmon, grilled on cedar plank and topped with nori, salt and sesame seeds. I wish we had leftovers. Also, I need to buy cedar plank to use at home.

IMG_6583 IMG_6581

Hawke is now 8 weeks old. He is starting to show his personality. My favorite is when he looks at me during playtime and give me a big smile. Smile so big that his eyes looks closed 🙂 He is also starting to play with his toys, Sulley and Eeyore.

IMG_6624 IMG_6612

He loves to do playtime on my chest.


I can count in one hand the amount of times we’ve dined out with the baby, but at 8 weeks, we are starting to have our routine/schedule down so we know when is the best time to do an outing.

He used to fall asleep on car rides, but not anymore. He likes to look around and so curious now.


He was behaved and played on his car seat for most of dinner, until the end when this picture was taken.  You can tell by his face that it was time to go home.  The restaurant was crowded on the weekend and maybe he was over-stimulated with all the noise.


We enjoyed a birthday sundae, a free coupon was sent to me last month. It was a delicious and very decadent chocolate sundae that was shared with everyone.

bday sundae

My normal Sunday food prep for the week ahead: pre-cooked eggs for easy breakfast sandwiches, shredded chicken, cooked a pot of quinoa, pre-made salads and cut up the fruits. I love doing this to save time throughout the week.

sunday prep

Sunday night – Taco night in our house. Can you tell that I love cilantro?



  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Trying to sell your house with a peanut! What must be crazy/busy!! Props to you Mama. You’re so gorg and that son of yours is adorable. Glad you guys had a nice dinner

  2. Your little man is getting big – such a cutie pie:) Thanks so much for sharing – Have a Great One!

  3. Hawke is gorgeous!! I’m glad he cooperated with your dinner out! Hope the house showings went well!

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