currently {september 13}

drinking coffee again, a strong one at that. I love coffee but stopped drinking it when I got pregnant. I’m trying to wake up really early these days so I can get a head start on my day before baby wakes up, a cup of coffee is much needed. scrapbooking and making pages for my […]

hiking – runyon canyon trails

This past weekend, us girls celebrated Irene’s birthday by hiking the Runyon Canyon trails by Hollywood. 5am was my wake-up call, we met up in at 6am and drove to L.A. together. We were playing it safe and making sure we beat the heat. Weekends are my only chance to sleep in and as much […]

goodbye summer

Summer. is. over. (not the weather, but the activities) We had our families over for a pool and barbeque party. My niece Jazzy is a water baby. She has been known to stay in the pool until 8pm.  This little lady loves swimming. The weather was blazing hot, so either you had to be in […]

september intentions

  (picture taken by Chris during our babymoon in Hawaii last November) September! Oh man, can you believe it’s already September? First off, I took an unplanned break from blogging. It felt good to unplug for the summer. I removed Facebook from my phone and tried to only post on Instagram when baby was asleep. […]