september intentions


september intentions (picture taken by Chris during our babymoon in Hawaii last November)

September! Oh man, can you believe it’s already September?

First off, I took an unplanned break from blogging. It felt good to unplug for the summer. I removed Facebook from my phone and tried to only post on Instagram when baby was asleep. I made an effort to be mindful and stay present. We had so much going on (our house sold in a week, then we had to find a new house, moved to the new house and did some minor construction to make it livable and safe for baby). I took plenty of pictures to document it all, so hopefully I will be able to share them in the future.

But this post is about my intentions for the month of September. As we welcome September I’m looking at this month as a new season. In my mind, there is this clean slate feeling to September that I love and I’m ready to jump right in.

Here are what I would love to do this month:

  • get moving again, either walk more or start running again. #walkrunseptember
  • do something creative, create something…anything (at least 4 items this month)
  • hang art/frame pictures around the house
  • finish baby’s nursery – since we moved when Hawke was 4 months, this is the 2nd nursery that I will be decorating.
  • read a book – I haven’t read a non-pregnancy/baby related book since last October, almost a year ago.

Here we go, September 🙂


What are your goals this month?



  1. Good for you! Its definitely important to stay PRESENT and something I don’t do enough…..My goals for September- get my mileage up (running), learn all of my choreo for our launches at the gym, take Kay to the park and beach, have a good date night with Josh

  2. squigglefloey says:

    Can’t wait to see more pics 🙂
    Mostly just focus on my work and my health and mental well-being. I should be more specific though!

  3. Good for you for unplugging! Spending time with family and taking those moments is what really matters most. 🙂

  4. Good for you! Nice to see you back though!
    September goals – meditate regularly; fine tune my working mom schedule. Any tips?

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