goodbye summer

Summer. is. over.

(not the weather, but the activities)

We had our families over for a pool and barbeque party.

My niece Jazzy is a water baby. She has been known to stay in the pool until 8pm.  This little lady loves swimming.

09-02 Chris Camera

The weather was blazing hot, so either you had to be in the pool or back inside the house with the AC on. Most of us chose to stay in the water.

We used the hubby’s underwater camera to have fun and capture some cool shots. Last time we did family pictures underwater was during our wedding in Puerto Vallarta in May 2011. Brought back a lot of fun memories.


Hawke (who is now 5 months old!!!, gosh, time is flying by) joined us in between his naps. He loved playing in the water, splish splashing, and playing with mom and dad. We are planning to enroll him in swim classes so he can learn to swim at an early age.


IMG_5993 IMG_6028aIMG_6030a

Our family enjoys being in the water. By the end of summer, we are looking “well done” in the skin department.

One of the selling point with the new house was this pool. We fell in love with it the moment we saw a picture online. Now that we’ve moved in, we look forward to many pool parties in the future.

Acrobats in the water….including my dad pictured on the bottom left!!!

09-02 Chris Camera109-02 Chris Camera2

We also had a lot of great food, which I forgot to take a picture. Chris made seaweed poke that everyone loved. We grilled ribs, fresh fish and chicken. Janell made macaroni salad and my parents brought pancit.

I also made strawberry shortcake drizzled with chocolate of course 🙂 Instead of it being in skewers like how I made last time, I just layered it on a large plate. We scooped it up into small bowls topped with whipped cream or ice cream.


strawberry shortcake deconstructed

It was a great summer but I am looking ahead and very excited for it to cool down so we can enjoy outdoor activities on the weekend and all the festivities that comes in Fall.


  1. Taking kids in the water is the best! You are looking fantastic mama! Love that dessert

  2. Love all the playful and fun pics in the water! Sounds like you guys had a blast with lots of yummy food. And omg! Your baby boy is so big now! Time sure is flying!

  3. squigglefloey says:

    Hhahaha you’re so right about this so. cal weather…

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