hiking – runyon canyon trails

This past weekend, us girls celebrated Irene’s birthday by hiking the Runyon Canyon trails by Hollywood.

5am was my wake-up call, we met up in at 6am and drove to L.A. together. We were playing it safe and making sure we beat the heat.

runyon canyon hike

Weekends are my only chance to sleep in and as much as I needed the extra snooze time, I needed girl time more. Even if it meant driving the freeways in the dark, it was fine with me because I had my first pumpkin latte next to me.

runyon canyon trails 2

Fresh air and cool breeze in our face, we chatted up a storm and the hike went by so quickly.

runyon canyon trails 4

Our next stop was breakfast at the Griddle Cafe. We had a large party so we sat in the back on “the couch”. Lets just say it looked more like a dark bar/lounge room than a breakfast nook. It was so dark, I couldn’t take good pictures of the food.

We ate nutella french toast (group favorite), red velvet pancakes, coconut mocha latte and omelets. Everything was delicious.


Finding joy in the simple things….like morning spent with friends, being outdoors and enjoying nature without tracking time or distance, it’s the best.


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    aw! What a fabulous and healthy way to spend time with your girls!

  2. squigglefloey says:

    Ive heard so much about this hike! How many miles is it

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