december daily {2} – picking our tree

We avoided the rush this weekend and picked out our tree on Monday night instead. It seems a lot of people also wanted to do the same thing as the parking lot was full.

We really want to make the most of our fresh tree, and knowing that the days in between Thanksgiving & Christmas is only 28 days, made us want to get our tree ASAP. This time last year, we were on our babymoon in Hawaii so we had a late start in getting our tree.

Hawke and I were there to supervised and take photo ops, Chris did all the work in picking out the perfect tree for us.


Hawke was very curious so I had him touch a small tree (his height), as you can tell from the picture above, he’s not quite excited about it 🙂  I hope he will warm up to it soon.

Tonight, we picked out our tree, brought it home, picked a place for it in the living room and it’s now on it’s base waiting for lights and decor.

One step at a time….it might take a few days to finish the whole tree, unlike pre-kiddo days when I can decorate the whole tree and entire house in one afternoon.


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    So much 🙂 Holidays are better with peanuts! I just got the lights on ours. Hoping to get the ornaments on at some point this week

  2. he’s so cuuuuute!!!

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