december daily {6} – hot cocoa on a stick

I can’t believe how fast this month is going. Part of the reason that I wanted to do December daily is to help me be in the moment, appreciate all the festivities and also to have a journal for this month. I would say that my intention is working….(except for the writing it down and journaling part of it).

YES!! A week later, we are finally done decorating our tree. Woohoo! I realize, now that we have a baby, everything takes double the effort and double the time, so I learn to be patient and not be too ambitious with my to do list.

Hot Cocoa on a stick!, what a cute treat. I grabbed a few from a work event and couldn’t wait for a quiet night where I can enjoy a cup of cocoa, a decadent one at that. Monday night, I finally had a chance.

The trick to making these work is to make sure you have very hot water, it makes the melting-while-you-swirl part easy and quick. Now I’m interested in looking on Pinterest and see if these can be made easily. I would love to have these at parties.



  1. Tree looks great! I love the idea of hot chocolate on a stick- that is too cute!!

  2. Your tree is so beautiful and I agree, the hot chocolate on a stick idea is adorable and so fun!

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