december daily {7} – friendsmas

One of my favorite things during the holidays are the time spent with friends and family.

I love that everyone is in a good and jolly mood, everyone has a grateful heart and thankful attitude. The vibe is light and fun. I just love this time of the year because it brings people together.

I am a lucky gal in that I have friends from high school that I’ve remained closed with and they are friends who knew me way back when. As I get older, I realize (especially during a major milestone in my life), how lucky I am to have these gals in my life.

Our group pic for the night, taken from my Iphone camera using TimerCam app (love this photo app, I use it a lot and I highly recommend it). Cheers to our friendship!!!


Stef hosted the party at her new home and new kitchen. Love all the festive colors and cute napkins. It was my first time having an alcoholic drink since I got pregnant, so it has been about 18 months since  my last wine and after a glass, I was done. Ha!


We used Elfster for our gift exchange. Everyone got what they wanted on their wishlist, makes gift giving so much easier and less stressful. I got my Bobbi Brown make-up and book, and wore the lipstick right on the spot 🙂 We had plenty of food but everyone raved about the chicken sesame balls.


It wouldn’t be a gift from me unless I included a homemade gift. I was Amy’s secret santa so I got her what she wanted on her wishlist and I also made granola and gifted frozen cookie dough.

In a season where treats are plentiful, I think it’s a great idea to give frozen cookie dough, that way it can be baked and enjoyed whenever she wants.



  1. itzyskitchen says:

    gifting frozen cookie dough is brilliant!!!! Looks like a blast.

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