december daily {10} – Around Here during Christmas

Christmas was sweet and simple this year (well, as simple as we can get it), just what I was hoping for. There were plenty of festive things I wanted to do that didn’t happen, but that’s ok, next year I just have to plan better.

Something that I decided last minute was our holiday card this year. I loved the pictures so much that I couldn’t decide which one to use. This picture was taken when Hawke was 7 months old in November. He looks like such a grown boy and hardly a baby anymore (sniff, sniff from mommy)


Our Christmas tree was this year was beautiful, but sadly it died last week. It’s ok though, the twinkling lights and ornaments covers all that, we just couldn’t smell it.

I think we misplaced a few boxes of holiday decorations during the move this summer because there were a few items missing. The tree had silver, white, gold and green theme and with pops of red all over the house.

I created a clothes pin wreath that displayed all the happy mail that we receive during this time of the year. I love receiving holiday cards.

     IMG_9669 IMG_9670 IMG_9671

IMG_9664 IMG_9681IMG_9685 IMG_9692IMG_9686IMG_9687 IMG_9691


  1. love the photo clipper!

  2. itzyskitchen says:

    Our tree is definitely done! We need to get it out of the house stat! Love your decorations. They grow SO darn fast- right?!


  1. […] the holidays is sending and receiving holiday cards. I call it “happy mail”. I display them in our DIY card display wreath, picture below is from last year. It’s possible I might need to make a second wreath this year. […]

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