scenes from the week / 1

I am going to continue doing Project Life this year. I jumped right in mid summer last year and have completed plenty of layouts/pages for 2013. I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, but I did complete the big moments and the holidays. I enjoy the process a lot and love the finished product.

In 2014, I want to capture more every day moments and include more journaling.  Doing Project Life has really helped me appreciate the small things. I go through our daily routine, and I think to myself, what do I want to remember from this week? what do I want to document? what do I see? smell? I guess my point is, it has really made me aware of my surroundings and has made me want to take more pictures.

I looked at my phone pictures this week and I’m happy that I captured a lot of “moments”


1 / Having lunch with my sister at work. It was a fun midweek visit

2 / Excited to start a new book on my kindle

3 / Found one of the most comfy shoes ever

4 / Baby’s first tumble and battle scars. Playing with toddlers at daycare, but back to infant room next week #9months

5 / Chris worked all weekend, but came home during baby’s bath time and right before bedtime


6/ Made healthy snack – crispy cinnamon & sugar chickpeas

7 / Movie night with Cher {watched American Hustle} and stopped by Krispy Kreme afterwards

8 / Buying flowers to help spread joy all over the house

9/ Captured the beautiful light that comes right before sunset


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Those chickpeas look delicious! I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you about the cornbread! I have a few recipes I always rely on that I can send you…but on that cornbread I cheated and used TJs mix!

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