currently / {january 14}



using my camera and forcing myself to use the timer so I can be IN the pictures, instead of taking the pictures

enjoying our Cali winter, with 80 degree weather and insanely grateful for it

praying that we don’t have brush fires since the weather is so dry

watching Breaking Bad marathon. I didn’t have time to watch the show when it originally aired, but during the holidays, the hubby and I got sucked into watching a marathon. We loved it.

learning to not feel intimidated by using yeast. I’m going to tackle my fear of bread making this year.

enjoying some time with my girlfriends this month, three has been a good number

going on a group trip with friends this weekend to Portland (without baby).  I’m excited but also very anxious to be so far from Hawke.

joining a food tour during our trip

packing for cold weather and dusting off old winter clothes

reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

participating (loosely) The January Cure from Apartment Therapy

feeling that my one word for the year is helping me in my day to day decisions, especially reminding me to be intentional is all areas of my life

scheduling workouts and sticking to them. currently taking Pure Barre classes this month

planning Hawke’s 1st birthday party in March

listing things I’m grateful for every night, using this gratitude journal app


  1. Love it! Have fun this weekend. It is always tough to leave the peanut!!

  2. I used to fear breads and admittedly had a couple of failures. But now we don’t buy bread very often anymore because I’m cranking them out. Nothing like fresh bread!

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