valentine’s day 2014

Our first Valentine’s Day as a family of three was a memorable one. I’m always mindful of those “firsts” moments, now that our family has grown to three.  I know that baby won’t remember his first year, but it’s special to include him in all our celebration and I want to look back on his first year and say, that’s when our tradition started.


I made Valentine’s pretzel hugs for the day care teachers. This is my first time making them, even though I’ve seen these around many times, and will probably make them again soon using M&Ms with spring colors.

Just a small treat for the teachers letting them know that our family appreciates their hard work. I tried making them with dark chocolate, but I prefer the swirled chocolate kisses..


Notes for me:  Assemble, then place the pan in the oven, which has been preheated to 200 degrees. Set timer for 6 minutes.

Hawke made me this card at school… cute of the teachers to make these for the parents and how great to have these hand prints and foot prints saved.


Flowers were delivered at work (which I am enjoying at home this weekend). One of my favorite flowers, reminds of me of our wedding. The card was extra special to me…both from my 2 favorite boys.


We had a date in and ordered Thai food take out for dinner. We moved Hawke’s bedtime a little later so he can join us at the table and enjoy our Valentine’s dinner together. It was a very busy work week and I loved that by Friday, we were able to wind down and enjoy some family time.



  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Those pretzels are sooooo good!! What a great day. The flowers are beautiful. We had dinner with kay too


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