project life – january 2014 spreads

Here are some of my project life pages for the month of January.  I take a lot of pictures throughout the week so not having enough pictures is never an issue. It’s actually a challenge picking the amount of pictures to print, so some weeks, I make small collages to fit in all the pictures I want to include.

Some things I have included in each week’s spread are recipes or foods we ate that week, a quote that I’m currently loving and the weather. I try to keep it balanced and try not to have just all baby pictures.

I enjoy adding in all the journaling, the little things that I want to remember years from now, the everyday stuff and the little moments.

For each week, I try to keep a color theme to tie it all together.  So far, it has been an easy and fun process. I still love this project.









  1. itzyskitchen says:

    You’re sooo good. I swear I”m going to get back on the album making train soon…I’ve been terrible about it

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