{review} Winder Farms Food Delivery

I had the opportunity to try out Winder Farms food delivery service a few weeks ago, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was just returning from traveling and didn’t have time to do our weekly grocery shopping. I set-up my delivery date and their farm fresh products were delivered on my doorstep by 8am.


Their produce box consisted of local and seasonal produce. I made baby food with those petite carrots and enjoyed the sweet oranges for snacks.

winder farms

We are only a family of 2 (+ baby), so the frozen products lasted us awhile, but we enjoyed most of them the week of delivery. I’m very impressed with the quality of the pre-made food, my expectations were of the kind that they sell at the supermarket frozen aisle, but it was more than that and tasted gourmet.

winder farms1

The homemade cookies were delicious and I had them every night with tea, it tasted great right out of the freezer too.

The first night, we ate the frozen chicken dinner. It’s the perfect portion size for us and it was delicious and tasted fresh. My husband even commented how moist the chicken tasted. We made fried brown rice and served the chicken on top.

IMG_2042 IMG_2043 IMG_2048

The second night, the hubby grilled the steak and served it with veggies and brown rice. The steak didn’t need a lot of seasoning as they were tasty and juicy as is.  Simple and quick dinner.


I don’t usually include potatoes in our shopping list, but I’m glad the delivery included them because it encourage me to look for  a new recipe to try. I baked the potatoes, sausage and veggies together and served it over quinoa.


I do most of my shopping online, it’s just more convenient and saves time. The one thing I haven’t converted to online shopping is our groceries. I will definitely take advantage of food delivery service, like Winder Farms, on those hectic weeks where it’s just easier to get the food delivered. I am thinking the weeks after a vacation, or when I’m traveling for work, the holiday season and I’m also thinking of gifting this service for a new mama.

The produce were fresh and organic, and the frozen items tasted fresh. It’s like a farmers market coming to your doorstep. I am recommending this service to my friends, especially those who hate to go grocery shopping and has made it a habit to dine out every night for convenience. I believe the healthy and natural foods Winder Farms offer is worth the cost.

If you are interested in Winder Farms service, you can sign up and receive $30 credit towards your first delivery –> here and start having farm fresh food delivered to your doorstep.

***Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I received the products for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate link used in the post****


  1. What a cool service! All of the food looks like its of excellent quality too. Thanks for the review

  2. ooooh! i love this concept!

  3. Very impressive looking for home delivered food!

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