oh what fun – hawke turns 1

It was just a year ago that our little bundle of joy came into our lives

It has been a whirlwind of a year, a year of joy and a year full of happy memories.

I keep reminding myself to write down his birth story so I don’t forget the small details, but I still remember vividly all the details.  I remember the warmth of his skin when they first lay him on my chest. I still remember how it felt to have the contractions start while we were at Disneyland the day I went into labor. What a crazy time that was!


Now he is 1 and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. My little toddler is growing up so fast. He has 8 teeth, started walking the week of his birthday, loves food (especially fruit and cheese), and thank goodness….sleeps 11-12 hours at night!!! He knows a few words…mama, dada, ball, more and bow wow:)



On his actual birthday, I made him a smash cake made with banana and applesauce. He dove right into the buttercream frosting.


I decorated a little nook in our dining room where I hung balloons for him to play back and forth. Such an easy set-up that entertained our little guy for quite awhile.


March has been a month filled with celebrations, the hubby’s birthday, baby’s 1st birthday and other special events thru work.

When real life is busy, my blogging time is non-existent. When it starts to slow down a little bit, I pick up where I left off (today seems to be the first day for that).



  1. Aw! He is so sweet. Glad he had a great birthday

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