{travel} – multnomah falls / portland, oregon

I travelled to Portland in January and I sorted thru my pictures recently to work on my travel album.

I realize I didn’t want to print every picture I took, or the album would come out too thick once finished. Then I got to thinking, I could post a ton of pictures on the blog as my way to remember and look back on my travel memories whenever I can.

I would like to say that the way I take pictures now and how I took pictures many years ago has evolved. A lot of my pictures from my early travels, were just random shots, straight forward and mostly of people. Now, I try to capture the surroundings, the emotions, candid shots and really ask myself, what do I want to remember from this place? How am I feeling right now and how can I capture it best?

Below are the pictures from Multnomah Falls. It’s a beautiful place and I’m so glad we drove 40 minutes from the city to witness this natural beauty. If I lived in Portland, I would visit this place often and hike the many trails surrounding it.

What I want to remember and try to capture in my pictures:

The lake surrounding the roads leading up to the waterfalls. The anticipation of knowing we were close, hearing the water before we could see the waterfall. Feeling  cold and how warm the visitor’s lodge looked from the outside. Being mesmerized by the height of the waterfalls and the soothing noise coming from the water. Seeing one waterfall wasn’t enough so we searched for more. Being surrounded by green moss everywhere.



multnomah falls 2



It was a cold day, but we braved the cold, put on our layers and hiked up the short distance from the road to get to the visitors area at the bottom. There’s a bridge closer to the waterfalls, but unfortunately, it wasn’t accessible during our visit because a rock had fallen on the bridge and they had closed it.

multnomah falls

multnomah falls 1

multnomah falls 0




multnomah falls 4

Beautiful scenery, fresh cold air, hot chocolate drinks available to keep you warm. It was a fun visit.


  1. Totally gorgeous!

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