flower fields / carlsbad, ca

Whenever I see a picture of a flower field, it reminds of books I’ve read where people roam along the fields and during simpler times. I don’t see anything like it here in Cali except in Carlsbad. You can see it from the freeway and very hard to miss, especially during spring season.

Although Carlsbad’s (city in the northern part of San Diego) flower fields is next to a factory outlet, it is on the opposite side, and it is big enough so that all you can see from the horizon are rows and rows of flowers.

My mom, my sister and brothers and the kiddos drove down along the coast to visit the flower fields, on the last weekend it was open to the public. It was crowded, but the location is so spread out that you can’t really feel the busyness of the place.

It was Baby H’s first long road trip, about a 2 hour drive from Orange County because of the weekend traffic. He napped the whole time so he was in a great mood once we arrived. I let him roam free in areas where it was allowed, and made sure to keep a tight hold on him once we were in the flower fields, as most of the area is restricted. You can look, but you can’t touch. There are designated areas to take pictures, but majority of the fields is off limits.

I really just wanted to sit on a bench and feel the breeze and watched the flowers sway. I was a little bummed out, we missed the tulips season, since they were gone/harvested in March.


Maybe when baby H is older, we will ride the tractor. But he was happy just walking about and enjoying his snacks. He has mastered his walking skills and dislike being carried, so he is either on his stroller or walking next to me.

My mom also loves flowers, and has a beautiful garden at her home. She appreciated the beauty more than me, she knows what great care it takes to bloom beautiful flowers.


the whole gang, enjoying fresh popcorn and strawberry lavender ice cream



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