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around here 0517-0525

We learned that Baby H’s day care is closing, with a month’s notice, we are scrambling to find a new school. Luckily, I was able to tour 2 schools and we are going to choose next week. We are really sad to leave the teachers we’ve come to love. It’s been 9 months since he started at his current day care, and in that time period, we’ve bonded with his teachers.

The weather is wonderful, so we are hanging out at the park and having a picnic. I bring a small blanket, snacks and my camera.

I had lunch with Sarah, haven’t see here since she had baby #2. Lots of catching up to do and baby stories to share.

I baked 4 mini banana breads, planned to give them away but end up eating them myself.  I remade them right away.

We got a new library card from the neighboring city and went to our first story time.

This week marks the beginning of summer, and I am so excited for what is store for us.


  1. Bummer about the daycare! That banana bread looks amazing. You’re so stylish! Come dress me 🙂

  2. new library card yes!!! the bread looks so good. yes, please come dress me and erica. 🙂

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