Lemonade at Fashion Island, Newport Beach

It’s a rare treat to be able to step out and enjoy my lunch outside of work. Most days, I pack  my lunch and will do a working lunch or take thirty minute break outside of my office.

I get really happy when I find a healthy, not too expensive and quick & convenient place to eat for lunch. The new Lemonade restaurant opened recently in Orange County, at Fashion Island.



The place looks so fresh and vibrant, it’s hard not to feel good just walking in.

We tried mint cucumber lemonade and guava lemonade. Both are great and not too sweet.




My sister and I met-up early to miss the lunch crowd, we arrived around 11:30 am and it was perfect timing because all the food items were ready and short line. I glanced at the menu online because I knew there were a lot of items on the cold and hot line, I really felt like I could try each and every one of them. These are the types of dishes I try to learn how to cook but somehow a little intimidated by the ingredients.



I had the kale, salmon and chicken thai salad, all from the cold foods area. I loved all three of my dishes.


My sister ordered a simple sandwhich, with arugula salad on the side. She said it was ok, not bad but not great either.


A giant macaron for dessert, so large that I couldn’t finish it and a little too sweet for my taste.


I never met a macaron I couldn’t finish…..until this day.



  1. What a cool concept for a lunch spot! I totally want to give it a go!

  2. Their macaroons are very large indeed!

  3. That is one of the HUGEST macaroons I have EVER seen. OH my goodness. So gorgeous. I love visiting the restaurant newport beach scene. Always something fun to eat or see. I love the harbor area just to watch all the boats too!

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