currently– {june 2014)



celebrating the great weather and enjoying the small moments

slowing things down, and being intentional with our time

creating my reading nook in our house (picture above)

borrowing books from the library and reading instead of watching tv in the evenings

looking forward to receiving this hammock for our backyard

drinking iced coffee and fruit smoothies every day

transitioning to our new daycare for Baby H, we are all transitioning ok, hoping the morning tears get less and less

wearing maxi dresses on the weekends, so easy to wear and pull-off, with or without baby in tow

baking for a lot of social events, all labor of love for the special people in my life, it’s birthday and graduation season this month

loving the hugs and kisses from our little man, although we are entering the toddler tantrum phase, the sweet moments in between makes it a little easier

going on a road trip this month, first time Baby H will be sleeping overnight and not in his crib


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Hooray for maxi dresses 🙂 Trips with the peanut are always interesting. Hope he sleeps well. Love these kind of posts ❤

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