{summer bucket list} / visit the aquarium

Our summer bucket list this year involves a lot of planned family time, with a few family road trips together and some wish list of places to visit.

Visiting an aquarium was on our list and since our little hula girl/my niece had a performance at the Long Beach aquarium with her dance group, it was the perfect weekend to support her and also bring baby H to his first visit to an aquarium.

long beach aquarium (9)

Cousin bonding time in between performance. My heart just explodes with love for these two cuties.

long beach aquarium (5)

Baby H had front row seats (and kept wanting to run out to the performers) and was mesmerized by the hula skirts and live drums.

long beach aquarium (3)



I was happy that my dad was able to attend the performance too, so he was able to hang out with the little man.

long beach aquarium (7)

The rest of the day was spent exploring the aquarium, taking a break for nap time in the stroller and more fun with the fish afterwards.

long beach aquarium (12)




It was our first visit and I think he enjoyed it, he likes to step back and observe whenever he is in a new surrounding, but once he warmed up, he started pointing and babbling and was excited.

long beach aquarium (10)


We had lunch at a bbq restaurant and then explored the area afterwards before going home.





  1. What a great day! Your niece melts my heart! She is so so cute. And you know I’m obsessed with the aquarium!!

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