simple asian cucumber salad

I love cucumber and I’m working on finding ways to incorporate them into summer dishes.  Besides a staple in my salads, I’ve also used cucumber weekly to put in my water bottles. Other than that, I don’t really use them any other ways. If there are options for cucumber salads when we are dining out, […]

Lemonade at Fashion Island, Newport Beach

It’s a rare treat to be able to step out and enjoy my lunch outside of work. Most days, I pack  my lunch and will do a working lunch or take thirty minute break outside of my office. I get really happy when I find a healthy, not too expensive and quick & convenient place […]

pool is open for the summer

I really want to be consistent with writing on the blog, my way of documenting our summer. Before I would get myself overwhelmed with trying to post all the stuff we were doing because I didn’t have the time to sit down and draft a long post, I still don’t have the time most days, […]

{recipe} grain free chocolate granola

One of my favorite snacks in the afternoon is greek yogurt with nuts, fruits or granola. I’m also trying to add different variety of greek yogurt, and using plain yogurt instead of the flavored ones. I find that a little hint of honey goes a long way. Recently, I made a grain free granola. I’m […]

happy sunday – in this crazy life

  This weekend, we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. I still love the lyrics to our first dance, which was “Everything” by Michael Buble. A lot of it still holds true to this day, and no matter how crazy life gets,  I am glad I found a partner in my husband who is there to get […]