{currrently} – hers & baby H

I loved documenting my life (hello blog!) and what prevents me from doing it more often is the time it takes to do it. I’m always finding ways to do a shortcut, but I want to do shortcuts only if I also love the end results. This post was inspired by a post I saw on A Beautiful Mess.

Well, this is an easy and very visual way to document life and it will be a great way to look back, at some of the things we are loving currently.

I have this Sarah Mae book, Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, that I read to wind down from a long day. It’s about motherhood, for those who are looking for a mentor and sometimes feels lost and alone in this motherhood thing. For baby,  this book is on repeat during bedtime, he loves brown bear.

hers_baby book

My second pair on Minnetonka’s , this shoe is very comfortable. The  most comfy shoes I’ve owned. Size 4 shoes from Target for baby, wearing this to school every day.

hers_baby shoes

Hers & Baby:  summer sandals, both from Target

hers_baby sandals

Current favorite sunscreen:  Australian gold has the most wonderful smell for a sunscreen. Honest sunscreen for baby.

hers_baby sunscreen

Being crafty:  I love doing Project life on weekend mornings, it’s my quiet time. Baby H brings home cute projects from day care, this is my current favorite. It’s on display in our family room.

hers_baby crafts


  1. This is a great post concept! Love. Both of the pairs of your shoes are adorable!

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