hey august, where did you go?

August wrapped up most of our summer activities. We did one last hurrah of back-to-back pool party during this past Labor Day weekend, but after that, we are getting ready to say goodbye to summer.

I must say, I forgot how hot it can be during the summer days in our new neighborhood. This is our second summer at the new house, but I really noticed the heat this summer. When we were home on the weekends, baby H and I would planned to leave the house during the peak heat times to go to the library, our weekly trip to Target and then come home for a nap with the A/C on full blast.

We have a pool, but having fun at the pool means something different when you are watching a very busy toddler. It is fun, but not as relaxing as the days when I could float and lay out for hours.

August brought us many fun activities. It was my favorite summer month. I had girls night out with wine & pizookie. We travelled to San Diego with the entire family. Pool parties at home and also for work event. Our Disney passes were not blocked anymore. I took Body Pump classes regularly (yay!).  I spent the most time on our hammock this summer. Ran a few times around the neighborhood hiking trails. It was a great mix of working hard & playing hard. It felt balanced!



  1. Oh yes- the pool is a WHOLE different experience with a peanut 🙂 Sounds like you had a nice month ❤ ❤

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