september thru instagram

I always ask myself at the end of the month, “what did we do this month”?”.  I won’t remember off bat  but if I look at my instagram account or my Iphone camera roll, it pretty much captures our life in pictures.  I made extra effort to be outdoors in September, knowing the colder and rainy months are up ahead.


-We hiked with the whole family and also brought my brothers along. I found a dance studio that I really really love. The classes are challenging and I love that.We attended Disney’s Annual Passholder’s private event. It was a weeknight so we didn’t stay too long as the little man was way past his bedtime. I discovered a new way to eat s’mores, with raspberry filled Ghirardelli chocolate, it was yummy!


New Trader Joe’s choc find and I ate it all by myself. Took my first PIYO group class and it felt so good to stretch my muscles again. I took advantage of clearance swimwear and bought a new suit, still loving black & white colors. I made baked donuts (banana & nutella) for ladies night with Cher. I have an adventurous toddler and I amazed by his fearless attitude, but gives me minor heart attacks at the same time.  Triple Chocolate Trifle cake for the last pool party of the summer! The heat is bearable again, so we’re back to our outdoor morning runs. Baked banana chocolate cake with nutella frosting for my little brother’s 18th birthday.


I made cake cops and created a dessert table for my niece’s birthday party. The theme was “Under The Sea” and my sweet little mermaid had a blast at her party. Enjoying zucchini pasta for dinners. Signs of fall are everywhere, we bought our first fall themed décor this weekend. Tea o’clock every day at my office.


  1. an instagram collage is a great idea!!! i love yours!

  2. Looks like a good month 🙂 Gotta love instagram!

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