pumpkin patch at Borchard Farms


We took a family road trip last week, we drove seven hours north and spent the weekend

at one of my favorite coastal town, Monterey, CA. The hubby and I have made

a trip there almost every year (except for the year the baby was born), and it was great to

share it with the little one this time around.

The main attraction in Monterey is the aquarium. So we spent a lot of time there, but we

also took the opportunity to visit a local pumpkin patch. We drove thru hours

and hours of farmland, so we knew the pumpkin patch in the area

was going to be great since  they were actual working farms.


We spent half the day at the aquarium and went looking for a pumpkin patch

in the afternoon. It worked out great because we got there about an hour

before sunset, that’s the magical hour for taking pictures.

The lighting was beautiful and our toddler had plenty

of energy after his nap.



I brought my big camera for this outing (something I hardly do anymore) and so glad I did.

I hope to make this a yearly tradition since the little man enjoys being around pumpkins.

The farm that we visited grew giant pumpkins and they were all out on display. I’ve never

seen such a thing, so beautiful and unique.

There is something magical about fall, something in the air. To me, it signals family and tradition,

and house full of people, food and love.



  1. LOVE Monterey! What a beautiful pumpkin patch too. Glad you guys had fun. The pictures are fantastic


  1. […] were newlyweds. I hope to do this scenic route again someday with our little one in tow. We visited Monterey last year with the baby, but we took the direct route using the 5 freeway, it was a faster way to drive up north, but no […]

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