We hosted Friendsgiving at my house this year, I hope it will become a yearly tradition.

friendsgiving14 (35)

We have a few young kiddos now in our circle of friends, so we asked everyone to come early around 4pm so we don’t keep the kids up too late.

We had a great time catching up with our lives, eat a ton of food, enjoyed a festive drink, ate too many desserts. Told funny stories and laughed hysterically, you know the kind of laugh from your belly? It was beautiful to see everyone laughing and having a great time. It was the best.

friendsgiving14 (21)

Two of our friends are moving away, Evie to San Francisco and Irene to Hawaii. We will miss them dearly and I was grateful to have hosted this party before they went away.

Group picture Smile

friendsgiving14 (17)

Cheers to our good health, our long lasting friendship and making the time to celebrate with each other!!!

friendsgiving14 (1)

Here’s the food spread, everyone’s favorite that night was the beef stew with potatoes that Kat brought. Everyone asked for the recipe, but too bad, it was catered and a secret recipe.

friendsgiving14 (31)


friendsgiving14 (18)friendsgiving14 (28)

friendsgiving14 (39)friendsgiving14 (9)friendsgiving14 (13)



friendsgiving14 (29)

For our dessert, I made white chocolate cranberry cookies, candy corn cereal mix, nutella cheesecake and we bought the cupcakes and pie.



friendsgiving14 (14)

Towards the end of the night, a few of us girls created an assembly like to stuff boxes and fill them with toys and knick knacks, these are going to be donated to toy drive for less fortunate kids.




Thank you to Cris for taking a ton of pictures so I can have my alone time at the dessert table…..err I mean, doing my hosting duties 🙂


  1. I love everything about this! The food looks divine (those desserts!!!) and I love that you did something for charity too. Yall are fabulous

  2. How fun!! We did a girls friends giving this year and it was so awesome! All your food looks wonderful! Happy thanksgiving!


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