one little word for 2015 / create

My one little word last year really helped me be more intentional throughout the year. It was my first year and it was very helpful at times when I was at a crossroad in making decisions, when I was struggling to move forward and when I needed directions.

This year, my one little word is CREATE.

This word will act more of a prompt for me to achieve some goals I have in mind this year. These are things that I have in mind right now, things can change in the future, but these are the items that I’ve thought about at the beginning of the year:

– CREATE memories and find ways to be more intentional about it. Make plans.

– CREATE new traditions

– CREATE a space in the house dedicated for myself only, a place where I can create and also be able to meditate/do yoga

– CREATE a more simple space and less clutter

– CREATE more family dinners, make it a priority this year

– CREATE a local community with other women and connect with other moms

– CREATE my project of having a portrait of me and Baby H every week, #project52

– CREATE a workout habit that will help me feel my best throughout the year

– CREATE an attitude to be happy with progress and not perfection

– CREATE blog posts now with the future in mind, with the mindset of “what will I want to remember at this phase in my life? what would my future self want to read?”


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Love it all!

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