enjoying taking mine and Baby H’s weekly portrait, it’s my #project52 this year. A picture of both of us each week for 52 weeks. So far I’ve only taken phone pictures using the timercam app.

debating whether to have a birthday party this year for our little man. We had a big celebration last year and invited about 90+ guests, so I’m leaning towards a smaller gathering this year, with immediate family only. But regardless, I’ll need to plan soon. Brunch party perhaps?

bringing my cookbooks to my bedside table and reading recipes before bedtime. Yes, I like to read cookbooks for fun.

working on Project Life again, I kind of lost steam last year, but this year I am keeping it simple and more streamlined. My plan is to work on it monthly instead of weekly. I also write note worthy stuff as the days goes by. That way it’s easier to remember what happened when it’s time to sit down and work on the spread.

getting excited for some short work weeks in the next month.  I didn’t take a long vacation last year, which puts me at maxed vacation time, so I’m “forced” to take time off so I can continue to earn more vacation days. I’m really looking forward to some down time, by myself.

thinking of signing up for a 10K race this year. I’ve already started looking at race calendars and I can’t believe the Disney Tinkerbell 10K already sold out last year for this year’s May race. That was my first choice. I’m hoping to find a race that is stroller friendly or if I’m running solo, I want to be by the beach.

watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. It’s not uncommon to find me laughing out loud while watching this show. it’s so darn funny. I’m sad the show is ending this season. I’m trying to pace myself and try not to binge watch the show.

baking to fill my freezer stash. My freezer was filled with cookie dough and party food during the holidays. I need to refill it with healthier treats this month. I need to get rid of the leftover chocolate and sugar in my office, it has become a habit to reach for them in the afternoon.

editing travel photos so I can post them on the blog and also share them on Facebook. Oh, you know, I’m only about 2 years behind but I’m determined to get them done.

going to Zumba studio again. Oh how I miss shaking my booty. I tried doing solo workouts at home and although it’s effective and quick,  I find that going to group classes is what is motivating me right now to workout.


  1. love the photo challenge!

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