what I’m reading / january 15


#GIRLBOSS  by Sophia Amoruso / I have never heard of Sophia Amoruso until I read this book. The title was what drew me in. I love the hashtag #girlboss, because I am a girl boss myself. Not in the same capacity as Sophia, but more on a smaller scale. I’ve been a girl boss since my first job out of college so I can relate in some parts of her story, especially about being a boss at a young age.  I find her story motivating, starting from nothing and creating a big company like Nasty Gal and the journey to get where she is. I always love books that tells of story of people’s journey and all the different paths they’ve taken. The tone of the book felt like she was a girlfriend chatting it up with me over coffee. I’ve bookmarked a few quotes she had in the book, some will relate to life in general and few will relate in the workplace.




Yes Please  by Amy Poehler / I knew of Amy from her stint in Saturday Night Live and watching Parks & Recs, but after reading this book, I come to love her. She seems like such a cool, level headed person, matter-of-fact, straightforward while being funny at the same time. The book comprises of different stories from her childhood to her improv days, to filming her TV show and the part I really loved reading was the chapter about her pregnancy and being a working mom. I listened to this book thru Audible, and I would highly recommend listening to it rather than reading it, because Amy is the one that narrates it and she has some great guests and audio excerpts from her skits included in the audio version. That was a nice bonus.  I laughed out loud many times in my car while listening to this book, gosh…I have such girl crush on her and Tina Fey. This is one of those books filled with bookmarks and I know I will be listening to it again in the future.  I don’t think this was meant to be a self-help book, but for some parts of the book, that’s what I got from it.


the good girl


 The Good Girl by Mary Kubica / this book was recommended to me after reading Gone Girl last month. It’s similar in that the stories are told from different point of views (Eve, Gabe, Collin and Mia) and switching back and forth, “before” and “after”. At first it started a little slow, but this book kept my attention the whole time and I resisted reading reviews as to not read any spoilers. This was a good story, I got hooked on the suspense and really cared for the characters. I found myself re-reading the end because I couldn’t believe the ending. Definitely a page turner. I read somewhere that this was the author’s debut, I was surprised because it was written really well. Now I want to read other books by this author.


  1. I am 1/3 thru…yeah I started it and never finished. But I still have my copy from the library! I also just started another book (whoops): The Girl on the Train. GET IT! I gripped me quicker than The Good Girl did…hence why I started a second book.

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