weekend wandering: arboretum

I love attending our mommy and me events but I especially love it when we have it outdoors and visit a place we have never been before. We recently met-up at an arboretum and wandered around the place, letting the little ones play, while us moms caught up with each other.

I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I didn’t know of this arboretum since we live so close to it and also the fact that I went to school next door for 2 years in college. To my defense, I pretty much stuck to the business building on days I was on campus and never really ventured out. I was in and out most days and didn’t linger long around school.


I brought my big camera and tried to capture the scenery, I took picture of of anything that caught my eye and thought worth capturing. I  just love these kind of trips and I can’t wait to go back in the Spring season when the flowers are in full bloom.


I’m glad I brought the jogger stroller because some part of the arboretum had uneven terrain, some were muddy because we just had rain the previous week. We walked around for a few hours including play time, but on the next visit, I would like to hangout in the area where they had a working vegetable garden, maybe bring some food for a picnic.


There was an area with a big lawn that had citrus/orange trees surrounding it and my little man enjoyed playing around the tree and picking up fruits on the ground. I made sure to ask the landscapers working nearby that it was ok to pick the fruit.


It was a beautiful day spent outdoors, and wished we could have stayed longer.



  1. Awesome! It’s always awesome to spend time with other moms!!

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