pictures from valentine’s day weekend

I had a rare 3 day weekend this past week. I love my job but I hate that the holidays we have off from work are the major holidays only. I can count in one hand our work holidays, sigh!

I was already in celebration mood on Friday, we stopped by the donut shop to pick up treats for the teachers and also for our Vday brunch event with our mommy friends.

vdayweekend15 (2)

After dropping off the doughnuts at day care, we headed out to the park to play with the other cute toddlers. We dressed the kiddos in red, purple and pink (for the girls) to be festive. I think little man’s friends are more stylish than their moms.

vdayweekend15 (9)

Me and my little valentine. I’m wearing hearts and he is wearing red.

vdayweekend15 (4)


My boys got me flowers, it was delivered at work earlier in the week so I brought it home for the weekend so I can enjoy them at home.

vdayweekend15 (3)


I pampered myself with mani & pedi, and normally I like to wear nude or brownish colors on my nails, but I decided to try red and I’m loving it.

vdayweekend15 (7)

We had great weather on Saturday, it was hot and sunny. We headed out to the park early in the morning before it got too hot. Little man snacked on granola in between play time.

vdayweekend15 (1)

During baby’s nap time, I baked a chocolate cake. I was distracted while reading directions and chose the wrong pan to bake the cake in, #bakingfail.  It didn’t look nice, but at least it tasted great. Love the chocolate frosting because it used dark chocolate.


vdayweekend15 (8)

Sunday Night:  I watched Fifty Shades of Grey movie and I thought it was a good adaptation of the book. I read all three books 2 years ago and enjoyed it then. Because I am a fan (and don’t take my self too seriously), I enjoyed the movie and it entertained me. That’s all I can ask for. I’ve been listening to the movie soundtrack all week.

We also visited the zoo on Monday. Since it was a holiday, the zoo was crowded and we stayed only half a day.  We explored the rest of the park nearby.

vdayweekend15 (10)

Monday afternoon, I made plans for our weekly dinner menu and shopped for all the ingredients. These are the cookbooks that are being used this month.

vdayweekend15 (5)



Here are pictures from past Valentines:

2014  – First family Vday together.

2013 – I can’t believe I haven’t gone back to this restaurant.

2012 –  I miss the ice cream at Disney

2011 – Oh to be young and free, and be able to travel spontaneously


  1. All the kiddos are so cute!! Yayy for Mom treats- well deserved! Hope your week is going well

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