currently / feb 15





going to a Pilates studio twice a week. Hello core muscles, it has been a long time since we’ve worked together.

bringing a  huge salad and Whole30 compliant appetizer to my book club tonight

planning our vacation this summer, accommodations have been booked, we already got H’s passport and just need to book the flights.  Now, to start searching “what to pack when traveling with a toddler for the first time” and “how much diaper to pack when out on sea for 2 weeks” ha!

watching my current favorite show. Laughing while also tearing up during the Parks and Recreation finale this past week

enjoying all the foods that I get to eat while I’m doing Whole30, excited to get more cookbooks from the library this weekend

deciding to have a small gathering, instead of a party, for H’s 2nd birthday next month. Small and intimate for my little man’s 2nd birthday.

spending a lot of time in the kitchen and grocery stores while doing the Whole30. I am still loving it, but hopefully the excitement won’t wear off too soon.

reading Fangirl: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell, this will be the 2nd book I’m reading from this author.

feeling sentimental this month, I go thru phases like this, usually when an event (2nd birthday for H) is coming up and I realize how time is moving so fast.

loving our weekends again at Disneyland, we stopped going for awhile because of the news of the measles outbreak, but we feel comfortable again to go back

signing up with friends for a  dance party & 5K race the weekend of my birthday in April. It’s in the evening and involves glow sticks and DJs, can’t wait to workout and dance the night away

realizing that most of my friends gave up social media during Lent. It is so nice to actually talk to each other and have conversation in person.

considering getting a Chemex, I want to continue drinking black coffee and I heard this brings coffee brewing up to the next level. I have a Kreurig machine and since I’m drinking coffee black now, I can really taste the bitterness of the coffee when brewed from the Kreurig.


  1. Suits is the best show ever! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!

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