making me happy



Chocolate Birthday Cake.  Making this triple chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday made me happy. Last year I bought donuts and stacked them for his cake and this year I really wanted to make a cake for him. He loved it and I saved myself a piece to enjoy for a later time when I’m done with Whole30. It smelled good and the texture was great.



Lemons.  When I see lemons everywhere, I see it as a sign that spring is near. We have been given bags of lemon from family and friends, and I’ve been freezing the juice because we couldn’t keep up before they went bad. So far I’ve made lemon bars for the hubby and we drink warm lemon water every morning.



Spending time outdoors.  I love daylight savings time because that means there’s plenty of daylight after work. It motivates me to be active outdoors and I love walking around our neighborhood before dinner. We are having summer-ish weather this weekend, should hit the 90s. I’m not sure if the heat is here to stay, but we better plan on cleaning the pool soon.


Afternoons in the library. We have been spending our weekend afternoons in the library. Our library have a great story time program for toddlers and afterwards, I grab cookbooks to read while little man plays with puzzles.



Bright papers.  I love to use them for gift wrapping. I normally use gift bags but I really need to start using my paper supplies, I have a ton and have collected a few, so I need to start using them.


  1. That cake sounds amazing!! And story time at the library was always one of my favorite things when I was little 🙂

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