10 things from Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebration this past weekend. We invited our family over and had a BBQ/lunch gathering and the weather was wonderful, perfect for dining al fresco.


1 /  First time giving H an Easter basket. I don’t remember what we did last Easter, but I didn’t have a basket for him.  The Easter bunny gave him healthy snacks, chalk, bubbles, new books and sandals for Spring.

2 /  I made egg’s nest, creamy corn dip and steamed veggies shaped into carrots.

3 /  I hosted my first egg hunt, my sisters helped me set it up. The actual hunt was short and quick, so next year we need to hide them better and get more eggs. The chocolate candies melted because the eggs were outside for awhile, had to embargo the sweets and put them in the fridge.



4 /  J & J surprised H after his long nap. We all went to his room together and H was shocked to see so many little people in his room. I took a cute picture of them 3.

5 /  We met with our mommy friends and kiddos on Friday for an Easter Brunch at the park.  I brought oatmeal raisin bars. We tried to take a picture of all the kids (they are all born within 2 years of each other) and it was an adorable chaos. So sweet to see this babies turned into toddlers.

6 /  H grabbed a few eggs and put in his basket, about 5 minutes of egg hunting, but lost interest quickly and he would rather play with dirt or run to the streets. #thiskid



7 / I tried making a strawberry layered shortcake but failed (the icing didn’t set), so I salvaged all the ingredients and made individual shortcake and served them in a cup.

8 / Relaxing with family outdoors, enjoying the breeze while others jumped in the pool, it was a great Sunday.



9/  Happy that my mom and two brothers were able to celebrate with us this Easter.

10 /  Spending time with family and having them over makes me happy.


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