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My goal is to stream line the process of getting ready for work every day, and I think it would help a ton if I simplify my closet.  I wear business professional clothes Mon-Fri, so majority of what’s currently hanging in my closet are work clothes. Casual/weekend clothes are folded in my dresser.

I need to sort thru my closet and do a purge soon, but in the meantime, I am documenting my work outfits so I can see and remember which items I wear most, which items look flattering on me and which items need to go.  I’m going to pin the outfits and create a board on Pinterest.

Also, I’ve been wearing a ton of black and grey colors the last few months (ok, a year), and quiet honestly, I have been uninspired with the clothes I wear to work. So this week I made an effort and planned ahead to make sure I wore colors everyday. Everyday I looked forward to getting dressed because I had plan my clothes ahead of time (instead of just grabbing what’s available in the morning), and when I wear colors, I feel more cheerful.

I always have a few blazers that I keep hanging in my office, so if needed, I wear them with my outfit.

 Notes:  I should find a belt to wear with this pants. It will look more structured and less sloppy.


Notes: This skirt was in the donation pile, but I like how it looks with the peach top so I might consider keeping it.


Notes: My favorite outfit of the week, love the color and floral. The skirt is one size too big now, maybe get it tailored?


Notes:  Need to hem skirt? I love this skirt so I want to keep it. It’s fully lined AND it has stretch material.



Notes: No color today, but I didn’t find it boring because double.polka.dots.



  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Seriously cute clothes! Makes me want to put more outfit into what I wear 😉

  2. I love the blue blouse with the tie in the front! It looks so chic and sophisticated! I’m always looking for blouses like that. I noticed Macy’s has a new line called Maison Jules that has great clothes for both work and casual wear, here is the link to it, if you’re interested in checking it out:

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