celebration : brunch for H 2nd birthday

My  little man turned 2 in March. Last year we threw a huge party, so to change the pace, we kept it simple this year. We invited immediate family over for a late morning brunch and cake.

At 24 months, H knows that the week was a special week of celebration for him, balloons and cakes and etc. We celebrated on Friday morning with fruits and mini cupcakes,  during our park play date our mommy group. There were several March babies, but H was the only one turning 2. He was surrounded with little cute darlings turning 1. That same Friday in the afternoon, H celebrated with his day care friends. We brought his class fruit salads and mini donut holes.  It was also his last week in the toddler room because the week after, he transitioned into the new classroom, with the potty training class.  So it was double celebration, his birthday and also a farewell party.


On Sunday we had the brunch party. We invited everyone over at 10:30,  because our little guy is down to one nap these days and goes down for his nap from 12:30-3.  I was really happy that both set of grandparents were able to attend and H’s aunt from Hawaii was also in town.

We set-up the a canopy and chairs for outdoor seating by the pool. In March, it wasn’t quite warm enough to go into the pool, but that didn’t stop a few kiddos from swimming after the party.

brunch (1)

brunch (2)


We had a birthday cake as well as a donut tier cake. There’s a big bite mark on the number “2” candle, H though it was edible when we presented him the cake. He bit it before we lit the candle, thank goodness.  He tried about 5 times to blow out the candle before I helped him out. We don’t offer him any sugar at home, so eating his birthday cake was a special treat. So much so, that he grabbed a big chunk and put it all over his face.

Foods that we served during the brunch:

mini pancakes with nutella topped with banana and strawberries

egg and ham muffins

chicken and mini waffles

fruit salad with orange dressing

hashbrowns and bacon

strawberry jello dessert

sandwiches, lobster teriyaki pasta and pizza

Chinese chicken salad

We also took pictures of H with each of the party guest using our Polaroid camera, I will be including it in his baby book.



  1. Happy Birthday to your darling boy! Looks like such a fun party and of course, the food looks just delicious!

  2. That looks like a party I’d want thrown for me! How did you make the mini waffles? Those and the mini pancakes are absolute genius to my sweet tooth. 🙂

  3. Awww, happy birthday to your little man! And omgosh at the donut “cake”!

  4. BEAUTIFUL job mama!!!! Everything looks absolutely perfect!! What a great way to celebrate such an awesome age ❤ ❤


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