life lately: summer (1)


Visiting my mom/sister’s house this past weekend, and H enjoying playing with my nephew’s train collection. He is really into trains right now and can play in this area for awhile, which gives me a chance to catch up with my family

lately_050315 (3)


After my niece and my other sister arrived, we headed out to the community pool. Lots of oranges for snacks.

lately_050315 (8)


Fun times at the pool. I carried my little man the whole time we were at the pool, and got myself a good workout.  I ordered toddler puddle jumper this week.

lately_050315 (9)


I made cheerios/almond butter snack bars, so we had these for snacks along with some dark chocolate after we went swimming.

lately_050315 (1)


We were invited to a birthday party where we watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing fight. We had fun but had to leave soon after first round because it was H’s bedtime. I tried to get H to take a picture with the Philippines flag.

lately_050315 (4)


We are enjoying the warm weather and making sure we take walks/jogs on the weekend. I’ve finally fixed my fitbit, so I’m inspired to track my steps again.

lately_050315 (5)


Listened to this podcast during our walk. I love all of Gretchen Rubin’s books and this podcast was more about her writing process and her personal habits that lead to happiness

lately_050315 (1)


Cinco de mayo food. My work had a taco bar for employees, so I made a taco salad from all the fixin’s and then we had fish tacos from Rubio’s for dinner. I ate mine with a lettuce wrap. Believe it or not, H can eat 2 full tacos by himself. This kid can eat.

lately_050315 (6)  IMG_7842


  1. SO nice when there is an activity to distract the peanut! Yayy for pool time!

  2. Summer always looks so cool in Cali. 🙂

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