work wear / 2

My goal in taking pictures of my workout outfits, was to find out which items I wear often, fits me well and etc., so I can simplify my wardrobe and get rid of excess. The ultimate goal is to create a wardrobe capsule that will make things simple when getting ready for work.

Well, I am finding that I am having fun and being inspired with my outfits again.  I brought out old bins that I put away when I got pregnant and I am actually wearing old pieces that I haven’t worn for awhile. Digging up old clothes have given me more choices in my outfit, but I still find myself gravitating to the same pieces over and over again.


This is an Old Navy dress that I bought on clearance, and I like to pair it with different color cardigan. Keeper.



I love the color of this dress, but it’s hard to find a jacket to pair it with. Since it has a high waist, I need to wear it with a shorter length jacket?  It’s sleeveless, so I can’t wear it alone, which might not be a good choice to include in a capsule wardrobe.



I love this top and the floral design, it’s tight on the chest so this might go to donation bin. Also, it’s sleeveless, so I always have to wear a jacket with it. Now that I’m seeing it in picture, it’s a little see through, yikes.



This is my favorite outfit of the bunch. I love the fit, the color and just everything with it. This is a casual sleeveless top (Target) that I wear with shorts/leggings on the weekend but love that I can wear it for work too.  So far I’m finding that pencil skirt with high waist/flowy top/colorful cardigan is an outfit I want to repeat over and over again.



I’m trying to add more accessories to my outfits to keep them fresh and interesting. This was a basic green dress with neutral cardigan, it just felt plain so I added the necklace to dress it up a bit. The green dress is the same one as the pink dress above, but this outfit looked better (and didn’t fit on me awkward) because I paired with a shorter cardigan.



  1. You do so awesome combining different colors!!!

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