{weekend wandering} pacific palisades hike and brunch at bru’s wiffle

As my friends and I have gotten older and some of us have started a family, our birthday celebrations have moved towards having day events such as hikes and brunches, instead of the late night partying events during our twenties.

I actually really love this since I am a morning person, and I love spending time with my friends, socializing but also doing something fitness related.

This month, to celebrate mine and Amy’s birthday,  we headed out to Pacific Palisades to check out a trail that one of the girls have been on, but for majority of us, this was our first time. The trail is hard to find, but was so worth it because of the view.

I mean, look at this beauty. I can sit here and drink my coffee and just stare at this for awhile.

hike_brunch (15)

These two cool dudes did just that, with their coffee in tow.

hike_brunch (11)a

The trail we took was mostly an incline for about 3 miles, and then we turned around to head back to complete a 6 mile hike.

hike_brunch (34)a


hike_brunch (35)a


The trail wasn’t crowded because we went early, there were times where we were the only ones in sight. I even thought that maybe we were lost and had taken the wrong turn. But as the morning progressed, we saw more hikers along the trails.



We parked our car at the bottom of the hill next to this beautiful home, I took a picture because it reminded me of Kelly Taylor’s house from Beverly Hills 90210 (the original show). Ahhh… 90s memories Smile



After the hike, we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway and headed to our brunch destination, Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica.

hike_brunch (19)

It has become a tradition to order something healthy (my pick was egg white omelet), something the place is known for ( chicken and waffles) and whatever else looks good in the menu that everyone wants to share.  There were six of us total that shared several entrees.

bru's wiffle

We ordered churro waffles for our dessert!

hike_brunch (32)


Hope you get to do your own wandering this weekend!


  1. oh wow, what a view! and yum! all of that food looks delicious.

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