weekend bbq, pool and movies

We had a wonderful weekend. It was finally warm enough to dip in our pool so we invited our family over to swim, eat early dinner and watch movies. I feel like this is what summer weekends are made of.

The hubby had a good fishing trip and caught several large fish, so we had fresh fish to grill this weekend. To prep the fish for grilling, we did the usual Italian dressing marinate and also smoked teriyaki (more time consuming but worth it).

After dinner, we headed out to the theatre and watched Aloha. Love the cast in the movie. I’m always a fan of Cameron Crowe movies, he just writes such beautiful words. It was filmed in Hawaii, enough reason to enjoy the movie for it’s scenery.

053115_BBQ (2)

053115_BBQ (1)

053115_BBQ (3)

Here’s what we ate:

  1. grilled fish & fresh sashimi
  2. hot dogs + buns
  3. skinny chicken buffalo dip + chips
  4. chicken bbq salad
  5. grilled veggies
  6. blueberry/peaches fruit crisp
  7. fresh fruits
  8. chocolate and stawberry lemonade cupcakes from trader joe’s

Happy summer!!!!


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