{family meals} – 7/19/15

Last week’s family meals had lot of greens. However, it was just my toddler and I at the table for most of the days,  as the hubby was travelling at the end of the week.

We hosted my mom and brothers this weekend. We had plans to go the beach and had our picnic food and lemonade drinks all packed and ready early Saturday morning, but the weather didn’t cooperate and we had a downpour and thunderstorm all weekend. The rain was great for our drought though.

We ended up staying in all weekend, rented DVDs (Focus & Serena), went to the park in between the rain and spent time at the pool for the brief few hours without rain. I also baked a lemon blueberry bread that was delicious and was eaten in an hour. I adapted a recipe and will post soon.

family meals 7-19-15 (3)

We enjoyed blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday morning. I made a big batch since we had guests.


Here’s our dreary view all weekend. Hoping for some sunshine this week.

family meals 7-19-15 (1)

This week we ate:

taco salad with ground meat

– for taco tuesdays we didn’t eat out like we usually do, I just used lettuce as my taco shell and added ground meat, onions, cilantro, grilled corn, tomatoes and green salsa

– I made a big batch of the spinach and prosciutto salad and we ate it for a few days.

– Grilled salmon with orange glaze. I grilled the salmon on the stove top and then finish off in the oven. This was delicious and I’m going to cook a batch this week too.

– I am loving my spiralizer these days and I made zucchini noodles with pesto (again), chicken apple sausage and garlic green beans.

family meals 7-19-15 (2)

– spinach and prosciutto salad, this is on repeat during the summer when tomatoes are in season

family meals 7-19-15 (4)

– toddler meals

family meals 7-19-15 (5)family meals 7-19-15 (6)


  1. i still can’t get over how good that loaf looks!!

  2. I need that bread ❤ ❤

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