{family meals} 7/26/15


The heat is back, so I tried to make dinner without using the oven. I did use our toaster oven (we have a mini size) a few times.

I had leftover Rotisserie chicken from the weekend that I shredded and mixed with our favorite BBQ sauce below. I used the chicken BBQ meat to make myself zucchini boat with cheese and made quesadillas for my boys.  This zucchini & carrot side dish is still in heavy rotation, I love it because it goes with any dish.


Fish tacos and fruit slaw on Tuesdays. These mangoes were so sweet, love that they are in season now.

I cooked a few servings of salmon for the week on Monday. I sear them on the pan and finish baking them in the toaster over. Served with garlic green beans.



I make a big batch of the mango, cucumber and cabbage slaw, then served it throughout the week. I store it in the fridge without the dressing. I love that the dressing for this slaw is the same for the spinach salad last week.



Hubby craved steak so he grilled some and I made whole wheat couscous (from Trader Joe’s), steamed veggies (frozen from a bag) and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.




On the weekend, we went to a pool/BBQ party, so we ate grilled fish, sashimi & white rice, Korean short ribs and fruits & appetizers.

P.S. Last week, little man had horrible sleep (perhaps going thru sleep regression?) and waking up several times at night. I was struggling when Friday came, didn’t do most of my  workouts because I was too tired and was just craving sweets and carbs. I know this pattern very well, whenever I am tired and lack of sleep, I crave comfort food and my sweet tooth comes back with a vengeance. I ate a ton of fruit because I was craving sweets, so I made some healthier frozen popsicles to keep in stock.


  1. Mango slaw sounds delightful. Hoping you’re well!

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