{weekend wandering} – sup & brunch with the girls

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I met at Huntington Beach to spend the morning together doing Stand Up Paddle and brunch afterwards. We were celebrating the July & August birthdays (Stef & Agnes) and it has become tradition amongst us girls to do some fun activity then brunch afterwards.

We met around 11am along Pacific Coast Highway and rented our paddles. After a quick lesson, we were free to wander around the back bay. Good thing the water was calm, except for a few boats we encountered that made Stef fall off her paddle, the water was pretty friendly for SUP novices.

I hopped on my paddle first and gave some quick pointers to the girls, how to keep the paddle straight, how to maneuver around and how to hop back on if you fall off and etc. Two hours went by quickly, but we got thirsty during the activity and was wishing we would pass by a restaurant, but alas, it was all residences along the water. Next time, we will bring some snacks along and water since we saw some area where we could hop off our paddles and hangout by sandy beaches.

I brought the hubby’s water camera and was able to take pictures of us in action. We packed away all our belongings and cell phones before heading to the water, but I wore my hydration belt for running and stored lip balm, credit cards and some cash in it.


There were times when multiple large boats were along the water, so we parked ourselves by the private docks and waited for the boat to go by. It was a chance to relax, chat and just float on our paddles.

I tried all different position on the paddle, standing up, on my butt and on my knees. I found being on my knees was easier on my back BUT also gave me better core  and butt workout. Going back to shore, we were against the wind, so we got a great workout for an hour.





For brunch, we headed to Seal Beach and dined at The Crema Cafe. It was our first time there and everything was delicious. The cafe is known for their bakery, which was next door. I hope to go back and enjoy their European pastries since they looked so good.

We shared all our dishes so we can have a taste of everything, my favorite was the Cali omelet and Nutella & banana french toast.


The Crema Cafe_Seal Beach


  1. What a fun day! You all are so adorable! We haven’t made it out to brunch in forever and I’m craving it!!

    • I loved it in the beginning because it was a challenge, but after several months of doing the DVDs, I got bored with doing it.

      I’m sure I will go back to it again, I loved that the workouts are only 30 mins long, perfect for before work.

      On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 4:57 PM, Healthy Coconut wrote:


  2. This brings back so many memories for me! Love it 🙂

  3. What beautiful pics! Now I want some smoked salmon!

  4. My husband and I tried SUP yoga on our honeymoon and it was so fun!

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