I am a visual person, and I love capturing things, places and people that makes me happy.  I love posting my pictures on Instagram, and have completely ditched Facebook for most part. I also love that I can catalogue pictures that are alike by using a hashtag. Sometimes, seeing the whole series of pictures creates a bigger picture than if you are just seeing that one solo shot.

I am planning to print some of my blue skies series (mostly palm trees), frame them and hang them on the wall because the pictures makes me happy and somehow makes me feel peaceful. I look at them and each place invokes a happy memory and I’m taken to that place and time once again.



SeaWorld – Aug 15

leasblueskies_1 (1)


On my walk, while listening to podcasts

leasblueskies_1 (2)


Strawberry Festival – Spring 15

leasblueskies_1 (3)


Grand Cayman Islands – Turtle Farm (June 2015)

leasblueskies_1 (4)


During a run in July 15 at a neighborhood park.

leasblueskies_1 (5)


On my way home, at a stop light, on a Friday.

leasblueskies_1 (6)


Jog around the neighborhood, after work, before dinner – July 15

leasblueskies_1 (7)


Sunset at a pool party – Aug 15

leasblueskies_1 (8)


Outside the movie theatre – dinner and quality time with my sister after her summer internship ended.

leasblueskies_1 (9)

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