currently 08-19-15


I’m currently in the middle of a fitness challenge called #aug15challenge, where we post our workouts everyday in a secret group we created on Facebook. It’s just for a couple of my close girlfriends, trying to keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. Today is Day 19, and I’ve missed 1 workout only. I was even motivated to workout during a recent road trip to San Diego. My goal is to get moving at least 30mins a day, whether it be a workout DVD, walk/jog around the neighborhood or a quick yoga session before bed. The goal is to just.move.

My little man was sick last week, so we stayed home for one day. I got to give him plenty of kisses and hugs all day long, he spent the whole day clinging to me. However, because I missed work for 1 day, it threw the whole work week off and I felt scattered the rest of the week. Maybe it’s the missed day or the lack of good sleep lately (we are working on transitioning H from crib to toddler bed and it’s wrecking havoc on our sleep), whatever it is, my  headspace is just not my normal self lately.

I’m in the middle of documenting our week by doing the Week In the Life with Allie Edwards. It’s intense but also fun, and it’s also great with my mental focus because it is giving me something to focus on this week. I’m 2.5 days in, and I’ve only taken pictures thru my Iphone and completing the scrapbook layout all on digital form.  I use Project Life App to make the layout. This is such a time saver and I’m happy with it. I complete each day and it takes me about 30-45 mins at the end of the day. I’m trying to keep it simple, and focus on the word and stories, less on decorating or embellishments.

Ever since I did Whole30, I continued to eat less dairy BUT there’s one thing that I craved last week during the heat wave, ice cream. I took a solo trip to Trader Joe’s and next door is Rite-Aid (the stores were called Thrifty during my childhood), and they still sell the same ice cream flavors that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. I got 1 scoop of coconut pineapple flavor, sat on a bench outside of the store by myself, savored each lick of that cold treat and it brought so much memories from 90s era.


  1. What a cool challenge! And what a great goal! I am trying to get re-motivated myself but it ain’t going that well.

    Poor H. I hope he is feeling better now.

    Also, I’ve never heard of a Week in the Life! Will you show us a glimpse of yours? That would be neat to see!

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