my “about me” page as of August 2015


My “about me” page is going to be updated soon, just posting my old one as a blog post so I have a way to archive it.

A lot of things have changed since I started my blog in 2010 (I got married, I became a new mom, we bought a new house and moved out of our old neighborhood, new interests and etc), but at the same time, a lot of things remained the same (my passion in learning about nutrition, healthy eating, loving desserts, staying active and traveling).

I’m going to update it to reflect more about me, as of right now.

So here’s the old “about me” below.

About Lea

Hey there. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I try to live a healthy lifestyle and I love anything coconut..thus the name of my blog 🙂 This blog is about balancing a busy life while eating healthy, trying to stay fit and active.  I like running, hiking, yoga and any fitness activities that are fun.  Living in Southern California, it is hard not to enjoy the outdoors.

This blog is sort of my journal and scrapbook of my food choices, workouts, social events and other life happenings.

I would like to keep track and document Where I am now, Where I want to go and Where I will end up.

Starting your own blog. FREE

Hours spent writing my thoughts and drafting blog posts. TOO MANY HOURS 🙂

Having a blog where I can look back and view a day of my life. PRICELESS!!!!

I started this blog partially because I always get asked from those who want to get healthier “What do you eat?”, and “How do you stay active?”. Now I have this blog that I can refer my friends and family to.

I eat healthy most of the time, but I have a sweet tooth so I do indulge in desserts from time to time. I’m always up for experimenting in the kitchen and try to make healthier recipes.

I like to stay active and work out, it’s a stress reliever for me.

Eating healthy is an easy choice, when I eat whole foods and limit the junk food and preservatives, I have constant energy and that’s what I need to stay focus throughout  my day.  Cooking and baking healthy food is therapeutic for me. I love to travel and try new foods (new to me) while I’m vacationing.

I love photography. I like going somewhere new and capturing every moment of it thru my camera. Traveling inspires me and I come back home feeling refresh and renewed. I would describe traveling as an experience that feeds my soul. I try to balance eating healthy while trying out the local

I’m a new mama and gave birth to my baby boy in March 2013.


Twitter: @Healthy_Coconut

Enjoy reading!

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